Business Litigation

Business Litigation | The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC

There are various sources of business litigation, much of which can be negotiated and settled by agreement out of court, while some matters may require the use of our courts. When competition is strong, there can be ill will and motivation to take adverse actions towards other businesses in the market. Litigation can impact a business and its ability to protect its place in the market. When information about business litigation is publicly available the results can be compelling.

Business and commercial law disputes can involve the formation or model of an operation and the people who work in various positions in the business. A business and its executives, officers and board directors could be challenged with allegations of fraud, breach of contractual duties and even bad faith. Sometimes business litigation involves approaching another company who may be infringing on your business assets and intellectual property rights.

Most business litigation matters can be resolved effectively and timely when The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC helps you assess your options and compare them with the mission and objective of your business. If it makes sense to proceed in litigation, we will let you know what you can expect if we have to move past negotiation and into court. Likewise, if a dispute and business can be contained and minimized, you will be able to execute that option and avoid unnecessary attention within the market.