General Civil Litigation

General Civil Litigation | The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC

Civil litigation involves claims by individuals or organizations against others, for legal harms, where money damages and equitable relief are available, such as restraining orders and injunctions. Proving harms and damages can be challenging and may affect the potential outcome of a claim or cause of action against another. Despite the economic aspects, at times matters of principle and ethics are important factors in civil disputes.

An example of a general civil litigation matter may be defamation, also referred to as libel and slander, depending on the form. Assume a competitor investment representative tells several people in a meeting that you are a fraud and a cheat who stole money from clients. Your business is damaged because of the rumor. If the statement is false and you are damaged, you could sue and likely win and recover against the competitor who ruined your business based on the rumor.

Individuals may have the right to file a lawsuit and make their case of harm, however the damages may be difficult to establish which can lead to tough decisions. In the preceding example, had nobody heard or taken action on the rumor about the investment representative, the recoverable damages could be fewer and the case might not be worth filing. The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC can listen to what happened to you, whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or are the one being sued by another, and advise you of all your options in determining how best to proceed in general civil litigation matters.