Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense | The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC

Decisions of insurance and indemnity rights, in connection with loss, can be a complicated mixture of facts and occurrences. While we all hope and trust that most people are honest and ethical, we know there are others who make a living on taking advantage of insurance and financial systems. Insurance defense counsel working with experts and investigators can produce the correct reports, factual and legal analysis necessary to ensure only proper claims and lawsuits are paid, settled or litigated.

Whether the individual insurance claimant or plaintiff fails to recognize injuries due to other causes or is part of a larger group conspiracy to defraud others, proper analysis of the medical and expert records, police reports and pretrial litigation can contain a matter, when time is of the essence. Proper investigation and interviews of plaintiff’s, witnesses and experts in live depositions and in the written discovery process can save the insurer its organizations and parties from spending unnecessary time and resources in and out of court in the process of claim litigation and defense.

The attorneys at The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLCC who practice insurance defense are experienced in the complex procedures involved in examining insurance claims and lawsuits. Our team of attorneys and associated professionals have access to all the tools it takes to build a strong defense that stands up to support the facts and their application to the law in cases where the insurer should not be held liable to pay unfounded and excessive claims.