Landlord Tenant Litigation

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Property is unique and so are the people who buy, sell, lease and rent it. The stories landlords and tenants share may certainly be unique. Disputes involving the rental of land, commercial and residential residences can be controlled by local ordinances and rules as well as well-written leases and agreements among landlords and their tenants. Rental agreements should be fair and reasonable based on the law, and they should reflect the features of specific property and duties among the parties to the lease.

There are a variety of situations in which attorneys are sought for assistance in landlord and tenant matters. From negotiating a multi-year lease in a commercial retail space to filing notices to evict non-paying tenants, your legal counsel ensures that leases are compliant with current and applicable laws and exposure to legal liability is managed. Likewise, tenants occupying everything from small apartments to large home and businesses may need legal assistance seeking landlord compliance when there are property repairs or issues with the lease in need of a remedy.

Whether you are the owner of a property you want to rent for the first time or need help pursuing and collecting a money judgment for non-paying tenants or damage to your property, The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you. Parents of adult children in college also seek our advice and representation when things go wrong in roommate situations, particularly when children are away at school and multiple parents are co-signors on residential property leases.