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September 16, 2016

The purpose of our law firm blog articles is to inform clients and colleagues about the services we perform in various practice areas. The attorneys at The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC are engaged in a variety of transactional and litigation matters. As we proceed in our work, we are mindful that much of what we do is certainly relevant and interesting to many. With the launch of our new website, we are pleased to start building and sharing our own law library of articles and resources. In addition to the library of blog articles, our monthly podcast series will further feature our work in the following practice areas, described below in further detail.

Issue spotting is not only for lawyers. Our library will focus on the issues that give rise to legal transactions, negotiation and litigation. As we build the library, we identify these practice areas in blog article categories so it is easy to find the information you may be seeking.  

Business Formation – Deciding what type of entity you and your business partners may need to accomplish your business goals can be a challenge. Until we have the opportunity to see into the future, we are left to make the best business decisions with the information we have available. Our articles will highlight various business formation issues to help people better determine what may work best for their new or growing enterprise.

Business Litigation – The best laid plans can go awry, and when they do, there are options in law and business. Taking the emotion out of a business decision is important, especially when it involves potential litigation. Preparing for, and taking an issue to trial, requires serious consideration for the commitment of resources that may be necessary to win. Sometimes settling issues is the best course for all involved, and our library of litigation stories and reports will highlight the balance of competing interests and options in law and business.

Consumer Claims – Many have heard about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), but fewer may know how and when to spot a violation. From illegal robo-calls to debt collectors, who blatantly ignore the law as a matter of practice, we will highlight the issues consumers face and how they can fight back. Our articles will highlight examples of cases involving statutory damages and attorneys’ fees, to the big class action cases that put errant companies in their place.

Constitutional Claims – Among the most common claims for violations of the U.S. Constitution are “Section 183” actions. In order to have standing to sue, the errant conduct must be state action. An example of a constitutional violation is abuse of police power such as violation of a citizen’s fourth amendment protection against unlawful searches and seizures. Our library will include articles highlighting various constitutional claims and outcomes, and examples of the monetary damages awarded to victims.

Employment Disputes – The best way to avoid an employment dispute is to memorialize the rights, duties and expectations of employers and employees in employment contracts. In one example, a radio show talk host may be required to sign a non-compete agreement, setting forth limitations on working for competitors after the employment is terminated. These agreements are usually limited in time and geographic scope. In our library of articles, we will share a variety of contexts in which employment disputes arise and how they are handled in and out of court.

General Civil Litigation – Civil lawsuits seek money damages and in some cases, court orders compelling others to act or refrain from doing certain acts. When an individual or organization causes harm to another, the remedy may be sought through a civil case. Many civil causes of action are settled out of court, sometimes without the necessity to file a lawsuit. Where a suit is filed and litigated, the client may be called to use their best judgment as to how and when to move forward and proceed with a claim against another, which will be a focus of our blog articles on point.

Insurance Defense – Insurance companies frequently retain private law firms to work on insurance defense cases. When individuals and organizations make claims and sue insurance companies for the actions of their insured customers, the insurance defense attorneys analyze the facts of each case in connection with the legal duties of others. While insurance defense matters are not as frequently published in news publications, there are insurance industry periodicals with valuable information about defending the insurance companies, and we will share such information in our articles.

Landlord/Tenant – Both landlords and tenants have legal rights and duties. Most landlord/tenant law involves local municipal ordinances and other sources of applicable law. Lease disputes involving both residential and commercial properties can result in court action, to resolve issues of money and possession of property. While many leases are standard issue, others are custom-written with terms to address rights and duties specific to the parties and property involved. We will share articles and ideas to help both landlords and tenants better understand rights and duties under applicable laws.

Personal Injury – From car wrecks to slip and fall cases, when individuals are injured, they have a right to seek money damages to help make them whole. Personal injury cases may involve a variety of investigations of the people and places involved, and during the pre-trial phase of litigation. As the injured are treated by doctors, and the reports of those doctors and investigators are reviewed by the attorneys to obtain a favorable outcome of the case for the client by settling. In other cases, the matter may go to trial. Personal injury claims can arise out of a variety of situations and our articles will highlight the issues involved in personal injury law.

About us: The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC, in Dallas, Texas, is a full service business transaction and litigation law firm of experienced attorneys serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Michael Kim Law Firm, PLLC, represents individual clients and organizations with business and commercial law needs. The firm also represents both plaintiffs and defendants in general civil litigation, injury, property, employment and consumer matters.

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